Friday, October 02, 2009

XLRI Celebrates "Joy of Giving Week"

This week has been an exciting experience on the campus. Starting 27th, the students, faculty and staff have joined together to celebrate the "Joy of Giving Week" through a variety of events of volunteerism.

These two video clips capture some of those many celebrations:

Friday, August 28, 2009

...the Launch of "Joy of Giving Week" @ XL - Video-Clips

The Unveiling Ceremony of the "Joy of Giving Week" (Sept 27-Oct 3, '09) was a unique event at XLRI last week. It which brought together the entire Jamshedpur community - the corporates, schools and colleges, NGOs and voluntary organisations, local press, XLRI's students, faculty and staff... - all for a common cause, which everyone felt excited about.

This commitment and excitement is pulpable from the following video-clips..

Fr E Abraham, S.J., Director XLRI - Welcome Speech

Mr AD Baijal, Group Director (Global Minerals), Tata Steel - Inaugural Address

Mr Imtiaz Ali, Film Director and Brand Ambassador of "Joy of Giving Week" - Remarks

Mr Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, GOONJ on "Vastra Samman" initiative

Mr Rana Sinha, Managing Director, Telcon
& President, XLRI Alumni Association, Jamshedpur Chapter

Sr Flavian AC, Principal, Carmel Junior College, Jamshedpur

Mr Amitava Ghosh, Secretary, Kala Mandir, Jamshedpur

Prehaps, the most overwhelming part of the event was when one-by-one, people from the audience stood up and owned "their space" in the Joy of Giving Week...

Expressions of support from the Jamshedpur Community

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Independence Day '09 @ XLRI

Since pictures say more than words...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The XL Life....a reminiscence

Well, recently I was browsing through the file server in XLRI and I came across this brilliant bunch of pics.....of XLers from 1970s to the recent past....I thought this should be showcased so that we 'XL'ers- students and alumni alike go back to the good ol' days....the days of which every moment could be cherished for a lifetime.....
So, presenting before you.....'XL- a reminiscence':

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ratanjee Memorial Trophy@XL "Happened"!!

Monsoons are back... and so are the students... the campus is alive, vibrating with activities... once again

Like every year since 2000 - and this was the 10th year - Ratanjee Memorial Trophy happened...

... a (supposedly) sports event... and an amazing way of competing and coming together of the two batches who have known each other for less than a month

here are some pics (generously plagiarised from a postings by Dipti Sharma - Thanks! :0)

But who was Ratanjee? Why this event?

Ratanjee Jha, BTech (Mech), IIT, Guwahati (1995-1999), from Patna, joined in PMIR at XLRI. He had a score of 790/800 in GMAT, but could not go abroad for studies due to financial constraints in the family.

At XLRI also, he consistently ranked among the first five. He was known for his sharp reasoning skills and fast learning ability. His scholastic ability was acknowledged by the institute and was conferred upon by the Jubilee Scholarship. He was also a member of Socrates. Sadly, this bright spark got extinguished midway its journey, when Ratanjee met with a fatal accident during his Summer Internship in 2000. XL, everything has a history behind it... we remember and celebrate those who passed through this portal...

Thanks, Ratanjee!.. for being here... and for having left a legacy behind...

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sapphire- the flagship HR Committee of XLRI relaunches its blog

Student's Association for the Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations.....commonly known as SAPPHIRE...... the flagship committee of HR at XLRI which has around 20 years of existence.... has relaunched its blog- . With posts by the famous HR blogger- Mr Gautam Ghosh, whose blog is among the Top 25 in the World of HR, this blog is intended to promote HR among the B Schoolers and the industry.
Apart from this, SAPPHIRE has other ambitious plans for the blog which would be falling into place soon. Well, a good initiative by the committee....Wish the blog all success....